RANDY: Self-titled: 7" EP

Aug 14, 2009

Sweden’s Randy has the knack of melding Chuck Berry riffs, serious leftist politics and slathering it with infectious pop and catchy choruses while updating the themes to keep them entirely relevant in the now. That’s a tough gig because a.) most leftist politics is as boring as watching your tire tread slowly wear away b.) most leftist politic bands have a kindergartener level of comprehension or are near-impenetrable pretentious assholes. Randy avoid all that. In fact, if they were an instrumental band, I’d still dig ‘em. Turn of the century anarchist, Emma Goldman flatly rejected the idea of joining a revolution that she couldn’t dance to. She’d dig Randy. Revolution with a circle pit. Revolution that makes you want to read books along to. Two of these songs are on their new album (slightly different versions), Human Atom Bombs, which I highly suggest. Cool piece of butterscotch colored wax.

 –todd (Fat Wreck Chords)

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