RANDY: Randy the Band: CD

Aug 01, 2006

Fuck! My wife already hates that one room in our house is overflowing with records and CDs. So the last thing I need is another band to add to the collection. But no matter how many thrash shows I go to, I am a sucker for the melodic. I resisted this band even though others at Razorcake threw around accolades for this band. They even went on to put them on the cover of issue twenty and made them the featured interview. But, I stayed away partly because their releases never trickled down to me or I never remembered to check them out. But the mighty people at Fat knew that they would be a great addition, even though they were a subtraction from Epitaph. So, with my hesitation still in mind, I pop the shiny disc into the computer and decide to check out the videos first. Let’s see if I like this band with a little visual stimulation: hooked like a catfish with a designer lure. Three videos, one from the current release and two from the Welfare Problems LP. All three were excellent. Now I was ready to dive into the music. I listened all the way through without once pushing the fast forward button. This band has a real talent of not writing the same song twice. It’s recorded with a great production but does not come off as squeaky clean. There is that underlying dirtiness to their songs that permeates through. It is the punch that makes the music feel alive and not sterile. The vocal interplay and harmonies are the bar raisers here and is the magic dust that makes you enjoy listening. I am giddy listening to this. Next in line is to fill out the collection with their entire catalog.

 –don (Fat)

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