RANDY: Randy the Band: CD

Aug 01, 2006

I was suspicious of this record. Anything that pushes at my comfort levels makes me antsy. Here are the questions it posed: 1. “Do I have to buy better stereo equipment so I can hear all the sneaky bits?” 2. “Should I move so I crank this at 1 AM and not get evicted?” 3. “What is it about huge production that neuters most bands but makes Randy sound as big as three bands playing all at once hooked into a speaker stack as tall as the Mount Rushmore?” Anyhow, one of my favorite bands has released another record that came with a little tube of superglue. It’ll take quite a bit to pry it off my player. I don’t want to compare them to any contemporaries. Randy’s just great rock’n’roll, firmly rooted in punk that isn’t afraid to stretch back to Chuck Berry, occasionally siphon Queen, and is unafraid to be campy once in awhile. Once again, they’ve come out with a clutch of heartfelt, smart, and witty songs that leave me giving thanks.

 –todd (Fat)

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