RANDOM CUTS: Rat Capacity, Sleep, Make Damage : 7"'s

Nov 24, 2009

Postpunk meets no wave somewhere in the middle and the results are pretty good. Not some mere retro act, Random Cuts use the past as a foundation and build something of their own on the ruins. Catchy rhythms, despite being minimal, set everything in motion, with guitars that are discordant without being obnoxious or forced. The first single, “Rat Capacity,” is the most subdued of the three. The second single, with the A-side, “Sleep,” is the dance party hit. More sonic, and the vocals are more direct and in your face, so to speak. However, the most interesting song of this whole set is the B-side of “Make Damage,” which is “PigeonPark,” where Mildred Smith takes the vocal duties. The pace is lurking, the vocals have a withdrawn quality, and the repeating of “There’s a weirdo on the corner” puts things in a very different light. I recommend getting all three singles at once. Doing so, you can listen to the progression of music on each one. The first is more bare bones, and the other two start to fill in the open spaces without losing any of the edge. Seriously good stuff.

 –M.Avrg (Nominal)