RANDOM CONFLICT: Tradition Is the Enemy: 12”

Nov 13, 2013

Hardcore act Random Conflict write blunt songs. There is no reason to be subtle and no time for poetics. Consider the final lines of the song “D.B.A.T.O.E.,” not sung but spoken plainly over the music: “You can run, hide behind your guns/ But it doesn’t matter/ You are done.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where Random Conflict stands politically: they are fucking pissed! What I appreciate about this album is that it doesn’t fall into any musical categories easily, even though it is clearly a hardcore album. There are heavy riffs and driving chords, spoken word and sing along choruses, and shades of metal, crust, oi, and streetpunk, sometimes all within the same song.

 –guest (No Profit, noprofitrecords.limitedrun.com)