RANCID VAT: We’re Still Better Than You: CD

The insanely prolific Rancid Vat formed in Portland on New Year’s Eve, 1981. Since then, they’ve churned out over sixty releases, constantly experimenting with new bizarre things. The band’s current lineup is based out of Texas and includes two of the original founding members, Phil “The Whiskey Rebel” Irwin and Marla Vee. Intentionally inaccessible at times, Rancid Vat mixes a broad range of musical influences into a punk framework, although they’re still probably at their best on their catchier songs like the title track. It’s a pleasure hearing new material from this one-of-a-kind band. The opposite of uncool, Rancid Vat will continue alarming those with conventional tastes with their abnormal approach to songwriting.

 –Art Ettinger (Brilliancy Prize)