RAMONES, THE: WBUF FM Broadcast, Buffalo, NY, February 8th 1979: CD

Recently unearthed recording from the Road to Ruin tour. The packaging is nice but the quality control is a bit lacking. Right under the brief blurb on the back that states that Marky was on drums by the time this was recorded is a picture of the band with Tommy! There are four more pictures on the inside, which split the difference between Tommy and Marky. I am surprised there is not a Richie era picture inside. But fact-checking aside, the sound quality is top-notch. This album has been digitally remastered, although the details are again fuzzy on that count. There is a Rolling Stone article from 1979 that quotes Joey’s father, which was interesting from a historical context. Nothing really out of the ordinary in the set-list, but it is twenty-three songs. If you love The Ramones, I’m sure even Designated Dale would not be “against it!” 

 –koepenick (Keyhole UK)