RAMONES: Subterranean Jungle: CD

Jul 28, 2009

It’s so fucking cool to see Rhino re-issue this, ‘cause when the Ramones originally released Jungle back in 1983, it ended up being their most lowest-selling LP to date, thus making it a bit collectible being that there were not a whole lot of copies to be re-pressed. Anyone who discounts this record is up to their tonsils in their own shit, ‘cause Jungle still holds its own to this day with Dee Dee’s “Time Bomb," “Highest Trails Above," “In the Park," “Outsider," and his collaboration with Johnny, “Psycho Therapy." It’s no one’s fault but the listeners that this LP isn’t considered one of their “favorites." I personally love each and every Ramones slab differently – but always unconditionally – because they consistently put out great albums. No, don’t argue – it's not an opinion. It’s a fact. Fuck you very much. The bonus cuts here on Jungle, by far, are some of the most rockin’ unreleased demos included with these Ramones re-issues, especially “Bumming Along," which could have easily been put on the original Jungle release. That song’s pure, unharnessed, locomotive-driven Ramones power, I’m telling ya. Other unreleased tracks are “New Girl in Town," “No One to Blame," “Roots of Hatred," and “Unhappy Girl." There’s also the original mix of “Indian Giver” and an acoustic version of the Jungle cut, “My-My Kind of Girl." If you don’t own this already, Rhino’s definitely throwing you a bone, so go grab it, or you can massage my bone, fucko.

 –dale (Rhino)