RAMONES: Self-titled: CD

Jul 28, 2009

I’m actually surprised that no one here at the ’Cake didn’t take a second or two to review any of the Ramones re-issues that Rhino put out. Since the last eighteen months or so, Rhino has re-packaged the first eight LPs of Ramones studio fury, and I’ve felt like Howard Stern at a girly-girl lesbian convention ever since. The first four CDs hit the shelves in 2001 and the next four discs in 2002. Being thee unconditional fan of the brothers Ramone, I’m gonna take some time here to tell all you sacrilegious simps who haven’t picked this up yet (or any of the others) just what you’re missing out on. Besides all fourteen songs of the original LP re-mastered and roaring out of the stereo, you get early demos of some of this LP’s cuts and a coupla unreleased tracks that were on the All The Stuff & More Volume One re-issue. Also included is an early demo of “You Should Never Have Opened That Door,” later on their second release, Leave Home, and the 7” version of “Blitzkrieg Bop,” which has a wonderful live essence to Joey’s vocal track. The booklet with the disc, as with all the booklets included with these Ramones re-issues, contain pics, history of the album’s creation, and complete lyrics. In this particular booklet, there are some pics that make it amazing to believe that the same Ramones’ debut that hit the world some twenty-seven years ago is still wowing new fans today. Fuckin’-A, it does. Rhino even took the paper tracking labels from the original vinyl records and screened them right onto all these re-issue CDs themselves. Too fucking cool. If this record isn’t already in the “R” section of your vinyl collection, Rhino is giving you a second lease on life to get one of the best reasons to listen to one of the best things to happen to rock'n'roll.

 –dale (Rhino)

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