RAMONES: Pleasant Dreams: CD

Jul 28, 2009

The sixth Ramones LP, gloriously re-issued with an assload of demos to boot. Demo cuts include a 1981 version of “Touring” which was re-recorded for the 1992 LP, Mondo Bizarro and an alternate version of the Get Crazy soundtrack cut, “Chop Suey." There’s the demo version of “I Can’t Get You Outta My Mind," which was re-recorded for the 1989 Brain Drain LP later on. And then there’s the unreleased cuts: “Kicks to Try," “Sleeping Troubles," “Stares in This Town," and “I’m Not An answer." The disc tray even has the original LP cover artwork that was to be for the album. This is yet another classic Ramones slab that was easily overlooked. Just listen to “All’s Quiet on the Eastern Front," “You Didn’t Mean Anything to Me," or “She’s a Sensation," not to mention “We Want the Airwaves” and “The KKK Took My Baby Away." I’ll bet dollars to Homer Simpson’s donuts that the blood'll start pulsing rapidly through that jaded heart of yours. Play loud!

 –dale (Rhino)

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