RAMONES: Leave Home: CD

Jul 28, 2009

The second Ramones LP re-release from Rhino, including the original track #5 cut, “Carbona Not Glue” that was recalled off the shelves in 1977 due to trademark infringements. Now it’s back, remastered, and blissfully louder than ever, with bonus cuts “Babysitter” (which was used to replace the re-called “Carbona” in the U.K.) and a sixteen-song set of vintage Ramones blowing minds on 8/12/76 at the Roxy in Hollywood. The booklet, like the rest of these, is an interesting introspective on the history of Leave Home, complete with pics. Give that worn-out vinyl version some rest and test the limits of your CD player with this one. Your disc player will thank you for it.

 –dale (Rhino)

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