Sep 23, 2011

I feel like I’m reliving my teen years again with all the new thrash metal that is making the rounds, making me believe it’s the crossover period again. Ramming Speed start things off with a bombastic blast of thrash metal that gets close to death metal and grind territory at times. A vocal delivery that is throaty and shouted then guttural. Bright guitar tones with a heavy dose of rapid chords and hyperfast solos are combined with thundering bass and drums to bring a force of sound to their music. A.N.S. are equal contenders with their contribution to this release. Crossover in the vein of Excel meets Nuclear Assault. The soundtrack to a good skate sesh on the backyard halfpipe. A raw feel to the production gives them more of a punk edge. But the metal is brought with the heavy chugging of the guitar. I really appreciated hearing the mosh part in one of their songs. I saw the band a couple of years ago and came away with a good appreciation of their live show. It’s a great pairing of two current bands that gives me the itch to experience Ramming Speed live when they come to town.

 –don (Tankcrimes)