RAMBO: Bring It!: LP

Jun 29, 2007

There’s a reason that Rambo’s huge in certain circles: like Propagandhi, Dillinger Four and Against Me!, they manage to convey an “us against them” kind of desperation in a manner that still remains inclusive, that allows you to feel that things are possible, and that makes you feel that this is a world that isn’t totally void of compassion or meaning. While Rambo sonically sounds nothing like the aforementioned bands, they all have (or had) that same inherent undercurrent of rage, that same ability to deal with overtly political issues in a way that’s still accessible to the listener. And the fact that this is some of the most tuneful, furious and intelligent hardcore to come rumbling down the avenue in some time doesn’t hurt either. Despite the lack of Mike Bukowski cover art, this record just kills from start to finish; songs like “That Lump in Your Throat” and “Kids Who Mosh Like Assholes Must Make Selfish Lovers” will hopefully be on mixtapes for years and years to come. Still, this literally has to be one of the ugliest LP covers I’ve seen in years. I’m not necessarily faulting the artist, just saying it was a poor idea for a cover, the end result being if I didn’t know who this band was, I wouldn’t pick this thing up in a hundred years. Both CD and LP versions come with a live DVD that highlights their ‘03 European tour, along with a bunch of additional material. If you’re wondering about the hype, it’s well founded. If you’re wondering why everyone’s talking about this band, there’s a reason. Seek it out, read the words, feel it, and wear the grooves out on the thing.

 –keith (Havoc)