Mar 15, 2010

I put “Lookout” off this guy’s ((i think it’s just one guy)) earlier “Saturday’s Haze” CD on my year-in-review CD a few years ago, and a lot of my friends specifically commented on how much they liked that song, but a lot of my friends are kind of “Alterna” and like shit like Neil Young and Interpol so take that for what it’s worth. This one starts promisingly enough, with kind of a “Rubber Soul”-ish pre-Byrds country-tainted jangler that, bolstered by a few more sweaty bodies and guitars, would not sound out of place in the repertoire of the Midwest Beat. Things move into a more darkly psychedelic songwriterly pop direction thereafter, with a few nuggets of minor interest ((“Sally Go Round” “Underwater Again”)) towards the top of the batting order, but, as things proceed down the dial, it becomes blatantly apparent that this CD is WAY TOO FUCKING LONG, droning on for eighteen songs and over seventy minutes. At about the two-thirds-thru mark, the song you liked at the beginning is pretty much a distant memory, and you spend the rest of the disc’s unendurable duration thinking “this has GOT to be the last song. This has GOT to be the last song”—only to find that, more often than not, that ain’t the case. Taken individually, i don’t think these are generally bad songs, but, taken collectively, i estimate that i will play this CD about as many times as i play my Posies CD ((if i still own that one)). Take that for what it’s worth. BEST SONG: “Please Baby Please” BEST SONG TITLE: “Underwater Again” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This album’s title is properly spelled with a lowercase “r” at the beginning.

 –norb (Get Hip)