RAIN CROW RAIN CROW SING US A SHOWER: $?, 5½” x 7½”, copied with silk-screened cover, 36 pgs.

In these pages is quiet evidence of some of the best literary writing in contemporary zines. I’ve been a fan of Sean Stewart’s for awhile. He published Thoughtworm for years. Rain Crow acts as a poetic breach from his previous work. It’s more opaque in the fact that it grows in strength with careful and repeat reads. Smiths references are slyly couched next to Beckett-like vignettes next to Rachel Carson-esque still lifes. Sean also invokes Kafka—as much the man’s work as his life—several times. Sean’s an outsider but an acute and deep observer. He’s as much an introvert of the heart as of the mind, and in those spaces, he stitches big ideas and everyday observations together. He’s using the telescope and the microscope correctly. Here’s one quick example. There’s no shortage of “Bikes! Rad!” in zine writing, but I can read sentences like these for a long, long time: “And I forgot about all the fool drivers I’d not so gladly suffered on my ride. Maybe there is an antidote for each poison shoved down our throats. Maybe it takes a lifetime to find them all.” Highly recommended. –Todd Taylor (Sean Stewart, lostgander.wordpress.com)