RAIDS, THE: Radicals: CD-R

Nov 10, 2008

With virtually no information here (not to mention lyrics), one’s left to wonder just what they were trying to get across when they put that famous photo of the WWI veteran with his mouth blown off on the cover. I’ve written about this in Heartattack, I’ve blabbed about it when the band I’m in plays out, I’ve mentioned it in tons of reviews and I’ll do it yet again: bands that use highly charged imagery full of dead fucking bodies from quelled uprisings or massacres on their covers and then either write shitty third grade-level lyrics about the “evils of war” or, worse, don’t include any lyrics or song explanations at all, are well-intentioned but intrinsically fucked up. I’m not saying it can’t or shouldn’t be done and I’m not trying to police people’s output; I am saying I’m sick to death of hearing it and don’t want to listen to the same old “They sent him to a foreign land/ With a rifle in his hand” level of intelligence in the lyrical department, not if you’re going to put massacred corpses or photos from the Oka standoff or things of that ilk on your cover. That said, we’ve got some mid-tempo punk here with a few kids from The Observers in it. The last song, the title track, reminds me sonically of The Dead Boys. The recording’s pretty rough, and again, there’s just no information to extract from this. For all I know, the lyrics could be the most thought-provoking things ever sung into a microphone. They thank both John Trudell and World War I and II, and I don’t even know what to make of that. I feel bad because the singer of this band and I have spoken at length about all of this, and he seems really, really sincere in his politics, but if I didn’t know that, I wouldn’t know what the fuck to make of this record. Sorry, guys, but on your next demo consider investing in a lyric booklet.

 –keith (The Raids)

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