RAG RAGE: Good, Wholesome, and Sexy: LP + CD-R

Nov 16, 2010

Go get this now. Seriously. These three females from Ohio bring Region Rock-influenced punk. The first thing that came to mind was Los Canadians because of the fact that Buddha was on guitar with Ivy on vocals. The vocals remind me of Ivy (currently of Black Rainbow) at times and of Annie Saunders (This Is My Fist) at others. Not a bummer track to be found on the record. The layout is even killer. The cover is recycled; they painted over some old covers that they got from No Idea and glued their graphics on. They even opted for a lyric booklet over a lyric sheet! Not only does the record have a nice layout to accompany this awesome LP, it also comes with a CD-R that includes the album and demos—they even include a sticker and patch. This is for sure one of the best albums to come out this year. The eleven dollars (postage paid) that you’re going to pay for this will be well spent.

 –Vincent (Self-released, [email protected])