Radon: We Bare All: CD

Jul 09, 2009

If you’re not hip to Radon, now’s the time. Although they’ve been broken up for years, they’re Florida’s answer to the riddle of what happens when you take Husker Du, make them squeegee off and drink their own sweat like pints of beer, have Leatherface become restaurant managers in some backwoods southern town while holding the place hostage, and the whole thing somehow mutates – with duct tape, exhaust pipes from broken vans, and some sort of unidentified fungus – into one of the best sheer will punk bands that most of America’s never listened to. The playing, although not in the slightest flashy, is amazing in a tight/sloppy way. It’s all about dichotomies, humility, poor judgement and shooting themselves in the foot while still having a good time, ending with an occasional microphone up the ass. Anyhow, on this pup are their first two seven inches (that, since their release, have never more than twenty 7”s deep from yours truly’s record player. Evan Dorkin, the man behind Milk and Cheese, illustrated the cover of In Your Home), some of their comp tracks, and live tracks, five that have never been released. (The last track, listed “Misfits,” is actually several Misfits songs.) Long time favorites continue to be so. If you’re in the buying mood, get their album, 28, too. Great shit. Four years after its release, I finally don’t mind the last song on it.

 –todd (No Idea)