Whoa! Okay, so “Volume 1 Brooklyn” is a reply to someone who wrote this on Facebook: “Aaron Cometbus and Travis Fristoe wrote a book about Radon. We wrote about that book. If Radon wrote a song about us, that would complete some kind of circle.” And then they got a song from Radon! The author wasn’t even a big Radon fan! I reviewed that book! All I needed to do was ask in a somewhat charming matter? I’m green with jealousy over here. All ranting and sour grapes aside, let’s get to the song. It starts out strumming and quiet with familiar, obtuse Radon lyrics. Louder riffage comes in bursts for the chorus. It’s a quieter number, but peppy and upbeat. It’s not bad. It sounds more like one of those songs Fay Wray wrote about Radon than Radon. It’s not their best, but any Radon is good Radon. Shallow Cuts really bring it with two songs about happiness. “Wintersong” goes like this: “The streets are covered with melting snow / we can go anywhere we want to go / everything seems alright today / I don’t trust myself / I feel okay.” “Ocean” is in the same vein. It reminds my own really good days when the sun goes down and everything is just right. They’re written in the present tense, not nostalgic. They’re redemptive in the way they remind you there were those days and they’ll come again. Since both these songs work together on that theme, I can’t wait to see where they go next. I’ll be following Shallow Cuts.

 –Craven Rock (No Idea)