Nov 02, 2015

Is it possible that one song can make the purchasing of an entire album worth the trouble and the green? If the song is this album’s closer “Pretty Girl,” fuckin’ A-plus it can. The tune is a fine melding of punk and up-tempo power pop with an insistent guitar lead that is the perfect je ne sais quoithat pulls the proceedings out of the “damned good” pile and firmly entrenches it into the “sweet holy Mahfü, that song is easily the best song I’ll hear for years to come,” one so good that you’re almost pissed off when it abruptly ends three minutes after it began. The rest of the album? Fuggin’ aces, friends. The tunes have a darker sheen to the hooks—slyer and grittier in tone than their debut—while at the same time enjoying a cleaner-sounding production, but the hooks are nonetheless still there, and in abundance. One can’t help but ponder the fairness of a cluster of musicians being responsible for so many jaw-dropping good bands, but one also can’t help but hope their winning streak goes on for some time to come. Recommended? Oooohyeah, this most definitely is.

 –jimmy (Dirtnap)