RADIO VAGO: Black & White Photo Enterprise: Vinyl and CD EP

Jul 28, 2009

With two singles available on independent labels and a long out-of-print D.I.Y. recording, Black & White stands as Radio Vago's first CD release for national consumption. The five songs included are re-mixed and re-mastered from the band's self-released, self-titled CD. The guitar volume, vocals, and over-all sound quality is a definite improvement. With a sound that is difficult to categorize, Radio Vago's music seems to reflect a bevy of diverse influences such as Patti Smith, Iggy, Joy Division, Gang Of Four and the Screamers without ever sounding recycled. The CD's stand out track is a song about enforced gender rolls entitled "My New Suit" – a fast paced number on which every member's contribution shines, from the loopy keyboard intro, to the winding chorus that builds, to singer Adrienne Pearson's impassioned cry "Every Sunday, my mommy tries to help me and she makes me put on my stupid dress." This EP is a worthy prelude of greater things to come. –Bob Cantu

 –guest (Buddyhead)

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