RADIO BIRDMAN: The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978): CD

Sep 10, 2009

Hell yeh, it’s a cacophonously glorious crampacked collection of rock’n’roll roguery from the formidable aurally blazin’ force known the world over as Radio Birdman. Surely you’ve heard the rowdy robust well-structured tune-blastin’ fierceness of the Birdmen at least once in your well-oiled life, and hopefully you’re somewhat familiar with their occasional forays into topsy-turvy surf-style savagery... if not, then ya must be as dead as Bob Dole’s dick, by gawd! The fast’n’frenzied musical mastery contained herein is nothin’ short of spirited, rugged, wild, crazed, awe-inspiring, and vigorously high-strung. It’s no small wonder that numerous bands today frantically attempt to reproduce the ferocious sonic splendor of Radio Birdman, but failing miserably, none of ‘em even come close! Yep, sure as shit, I’m gonna sit right here all day long, cool a few frothy beverages, and appreciatively absorb the audial madness of the unique and mighty Birdmen...

 –guest (Sub Pop)

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