Sep 19, 2013

Listening to Radiator Hospital’s album Something Wild makes me want to slam adult sodas and go for a Frisbee date in a midnight Walgreens parking lot. At its best, the band offers up that summertime yay music, the type that mixes light guitar fuzz and nonthreatening dude vocals of the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and more upbeat Weakerthans variety. Still, for all thirteen tracks, Something Wild stays a few degrees lighter than the pop punk that it, at times, recalls. In fact, you could probably slice the album into two different mixes. One mix for folked-out twee pop (I mean, they have a foppy acoustic rock song called “Big Cloud” about being bummed and strolling under rainclouds with more rainclouds in your head) and the other mix for tracks like “The Great Escape” and “Ghost Story,” songs that’d sound inline alongside the likes of Scared Of Chaka, Big Eyes, Pink Razors, or Swearin’, as Allison Crutchfield drops in to give some guest vocals. If you wear a lot of black T-shirts and want the rock, Radiator Hospital might not be your thing. But those who are looking for music that is feelings-heavy while still having occasional kicks of lo-fi pop punk will want to check this out

 –Jim Joyce (Salinas, [email protected])