Nov 13, 2013

Bedroom projects often need trimming. I like to think I understand an individual’s “need” to get their music out, but, for me, most bedroom recordings don’t hold up to repeated listening. That being said, bedroom projects that get re-imagined with a full band (especially with members of Swearin’, Very Okay, and The Fucking Cops) have a lot of potential. The full band songs rollick and swagger along while Sam’s voice weaves in with a lazy college rock drawl (a la Cheap Girls). However, the backing/layered vocals are unnecessary, a bit annoying, and detract from Sam’s voice during the full band tracks. The bedroom type solo tracks…. maybe younguns will connect with the love angst. Me, I wish the full band songs were divided up to their own side of the LP. Then I wouldn’t have to turn the LP over. Ever. Wheat from the chaff, y’all.

 –Matt Seward (Salinas, Salinasrecords.com)