RADAR EYES: Self-titled: CD

May 01, 2012

About as fine an example why I faithfully scrounge through the Razorcake review bins with any regularity as one is gonna get. Just plain glorious, this is. So many different styles tossed in—’60s Byrds jangle, My Bloody Valentine woozy noise pop, Suicide synthy drone, Velvet Underground thump, surf, punk, garage rock, Jesus And Mary Chain, The Verve’s appropriation of a Stones standard, the fuggin’ list goes on and on—and blended into a frothy mix that is reminiscent of all them influences but retains a flavor all its own (yeah, as a matter of fact, it is snack time). Before I know it, it’s been in constant rotation for a week straight and I still haven’t tired of it. Play often, play loud.

 –jimmy (Hozac hozacrecords.com)

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