RAD: Loud & Fast: LP

Jul 26, 2013

A friend and I always have this conversation about how some fast and thrashy hardcore bands have that certain something that other bands of the genre lack. What do these bands have that the others don’t? I’m listening to Rad, and sitting here trying to figure that out right now. A lot of bands play it fast, some are pretty good, a few are great, and good majority should just stay in the practice room. I would place Rad squarely on the “great” podium. How is it that a jaded and bitter guy such as I can be blown away by this record? I’ve heard a million (okay I’m exaggerating, but you get the point) bands like this. I have a wall of records of this stuff located right behind me, and this record will be added to that collection at some point when I feel like it’s time to file it away for a while. Whatever the case, this record rips. I hear hints of early DC hardcore like Minor Threat (guitar) and Void (the urgency of the vocals) in here, but, at the same time, these guys are not a clone and the influences are not wholesale rip offs. Maybe that’s the secret? Play your music with conviction and that will come through. They tear into one song after the other, and each song is able to differentiate itself from the other in order to not sound like one long blur (another key ingredient to being at the top of the heap). Songs like “Creep-out Crew,” “Corporate Drugs,” “This Is Not Final War,” “I’m an Adult,” and “You’re Next” (about D&D) are the stand outs amongst a very solid record.

 –M.Avrg (Sacramento, sacramaniacs.com)