RAD COMPANY: Self-titled: Cassette

May 21, 2010

This tape reminds me of late ‘90s pop punk bands I used to like and are all but forgotten: Shyster from Florida or Pinhead Circus from Colorado. I could see them opening a show for The Lawrence Arms. Like these bands, Rad Company plays heavy and hard-hitting music, but there’s always a little of that emo aftertaste to their songs because of the heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics. Take Rad Company’s “Blood Bath” lyrics: “But you could not stand someone loving you so you pushed me away.” Unlike these before mentioned bands, Rad Company is a bit more rugged on cassette in terms of production, as these songs sound like they were recorded decently in a practice space. I actual think by approaching their recording like this, it made their songs more appealing because it captured the raw aesthetic that fits their sound. My favorite track here is “Nothing Works.” It’s a tune about these guys quitting their jobs, selling their cars, and going on tour. Overall, this is a pretty decent demo worth getting if you’re into this specific style of punk.

 –N.L. Dewart (Rad Company, myspace.com/radcompany)