RACHEL GORDON: The Coming of Spring: LP

Jun 23, 2009

...i was on the verge of refusing to review this for moral reasons (i.e., the only connection to anything vaguely "punk" here was a cover of "Hearts Will Be Broken" off the second Records record, which is really overemphasizing the "vaguely" aspect of things), but, on closer inspection, i was forced to cede Ms. Gordon the album-opening "Where Are You Tonight," an appropriately bouncy pop-rocker that would have fit in just fine in the Girli-Pop mini-revolution of '83/'84 (Nena, Tracy Ullman, Bangles... that's all i can think of... i guess that's why the revolution was so mini) and written by her bass player, Hector from the Zeros (which i'm only giving her as many Punk Points for as i gave Rank & File for the Kinman Brothers [i think that was around 0.5, and there were two of them]). Everything after that not only came perilously close to not out-rocking Josie Cotton, but also came perilously close to not out-rocking Olivia Newton-John. Xanadu-core at its finest! BEST SONG: "Where Are You Tonight" BEST SONG TITLE: "Fun at Your House" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I already used up the Fantastic Amazing Trivia Fact about the bass player being in the Zeros, so the runner-up Fantastic Amazing Trivia Fact is that she does a serviceable cover of Badfinger's McCartney-penned "Come and Get It," and appropriately changes the gender... so now it goes "will you walk away/from a fool and her money? (FOOL AND HER MONEY!)" which is kind of cute the first time you hear it.

 –norb (Sounds of Subterrania)