RABBIT HOLES: “It’s Not Alright” b/w “I Ain’t Coming Back Tonight”: 7”

Jul 26, 2014

Man, I’m getting cynical. Every part of me as a critic thinks this record is nothing new. At a certain point, the diminishing returns of reviewing records every few months shows you that there is only a limited number of tools for musicians to use to make their art. There are only twelve notes, you know? But this record gets everything right. The music is recorded in that beautifully terrible way where the vocals are buried, becoming just another instrument in the mix. I suppose if there’s a key to my heart musically, that would be it. Layers of musical noise with a small hint of melody shimmering in the background. Songwriting-wise, I’d put Rabbit Holes in that category of Dirtnap hopefuls that never fails to capture my ears. Both songs are incredibly well-written, with Side A capturing a Buzzcocks before they lost their edge vibe, and Side B imitating the Ramones back when Tommy was behind the kit. Totally worth any price between three and six dollars. Grade: A-. 

 –Bryan Static (Big Action)

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