R. STEVIE MOORE: U.R. True + 3: 7" EP

Oct 16, 2009

Four songs of home-recorded new wave, laden with treble and flange. The vocals are weird, running the gamut from sweet falsettos to Motörhead growls. A couple of the songs are very catchy, but a couple are a little too herky-jerky. I was listening, being reminded of the more far-out Jay Reatard stuff, then I looked this guy up and found out that he’s a middle aged dude whose father played with Elvis Presley, and he’s been making home tapes since the mid 1960s. Wow. I’d say this is good material by an artist who probably falls into the music geek trap where people know his back story better than his actual output. In other words, if you check this out, you’ll hear some interesting music and manage to impress obnoxious people.

 –CT Terry (Felony Fidelity)