QUIT YOUR DAYJOB: Open Up, Coconut!: CD

Feb 15, 2007

A complete surprise. Trippy electronic beats combined with guitar and drums, along the lines of We Are Wolves except much bouncier and totally tongue-in-cheek. Zany vocals and self-explanatory song title/lyrics (“Sperms are Germs”; “Look! A Dollar”) are driven by ultra-modern, ‘80s tinged techno (“Vlado Video”) that doesn’t make you want to dance, as much as do the robot from the waist up and the slam pit from the waist down. Back in the day, I’d been known to frequent late-night dance parties in dark warehouses, so I can appreciate a good 303 (used to most amusing effect here on the rockabilly flavored “Pigs From Hell”), as well as the dichotomous pleasure of Quit Your Dayjob’s brand of “wild electro punk surf” music. Sometimes it’s funny to see that you’re not the only one with weird (bad?) musical tastes. I daresay I like it.

 –susan (Bad Taste)