QUETZAL: Sing the Real: CD

Feb 05, 2009

Depression has a funny way of creeping into your life. For me, a few events have happened recently that made me depressed. The magic of music is that it can ease your pain in many ways and mimic what you are feeling. This CD has come to be cherished by me because of events that have transpired. From what I know of this band, they are based here in LA. I saw them as an opening act for Ozomatli and was taken aback by their beauty of expressing themselves by music. It's mainly sung in Spanish with a few songs sung in English. They blend an almost Santana-like mix of latin beats with a jazz and blues mix. What I took to heart is their song “Jarocho Elegua.” I have no idea what the song is about. But the beauty of the song, lyrics sung in Spanish, and the music it transfers is the rare event of the perfect song. I would not change anything about it. Brother and sister, Martha and Gabriel Gonzalez, interact with such passion that knowing the translation to this song might spoil it for me. I feel it, so I enjoy it.

 –don (Vanguard)