QUEST FOR FIRE: Self-titled: LP

Nov 30, 2010

You know what sucks? Ignoring a band for years and then accidentally stumbling into a random Minneapolis basement for one of their last shows, only to find out that you have been missing out on something super awesome. Is there a way for me to take back all those times I ignored my friends when they would say, “Quest for Fire is playing. You should go.”? No, but at least I got the fucking consolation prize. The band’s awesomeness is captured on this, their last recording. This music isn’t metal or punk or hardcore or thrash or any of that. It’s a silver sword gleaming in the sun before being plunged into the heart of a giant serpent. It’s the serpent’s hot blood spattering across the faces of the peasants standing idly by as their god is killed. It’s the melting flesh dripping from those peasants’ faces onto the desert sand.

 –mp (Chain Smoking)

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