QUEERWULF: Preaching to the Choir: LP

Mar 14, 2007

Remember Pigpen, from the Peanuts cartoons? Remember how he always had a little cloud of dirt around him, and he was cool with it? Now imagine if Pigpen was a city. That city would be Chattanooga, TN, the home of one of the best punk scenes in the whole world. Queerwulf is a product of this punk scene, and this record perfectly captures everything that is awesome about their scene and the people in it. But what does it sound like, you ask? It sounds like one of those nights when you make Mad Dog popsicles and huff roach spray, then get a tattoo of a middle finger going up a cop’s butt. It sounds like a barfbag party in the back seat of a dumpster. It sounds like fucking Chattanooga. I can’t really put it into words, you gotta go there yourself; and once you’ve puked naked in the Antarctica basement and passed out in the front yard, maybe you’ll know what it sounds like. Or you could just buy the record so Buddha can have enough money for a six-pack of Beast. Yeah, you should buy this record, it’s fucking great.

 –ben (25th Hour)