QUEERS, THE: Love Songs for the Retarded: CD

Feb 15, 2007

This is kind of strange for me. I lived fifteen minutes from Portsmouth for years and never saw the Queers. I don’t think I can remember ever listening to them until some point in the past five years. So, now that Asian Man has re-released this, I was curious enough to pick it up. With pop punk, there are a lot of bands that I just somehow missed during the time when I was in the awkwardly pining stage that were eased by these song, thereby forever cementing those bands in many other people’s lives. As a first-time listener, I like it, but I can’t see it ever being an essential album for me. I just think that time passed for me. There are undeniably great songs on here (the ridiculously adorable “Debra Jean” and “Daydreaming” are probably the standouts for me).

 –megan (Asian Man)

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