Queers, The: Alive in Hollyweird: CD/DVD

Nov 24, 2009

Alive in Hollyweird is a full-length DVD feature of a 2007 Queers show at Safari Sam’s with Joe Queer on lead vocals and guitar, Dangerous Dave on bass, and Matt Drastic on drums. The show also features a six-song guest appearance by Danny of The Methadones. The production is flawless. Four cameras, amazing sound (which is also what was mixed down for the CD you get with this puppy) and the entire show from start to finish. The only negative thing I had with this was that—while I love the Queers, especially how they speed everything up live—watching the entire set while at home and not in the audience was kinda boring. The special features include commentaries, lyrics as subtitles (awesome), a live extra from a different show where the Queers sang a song with the lovely Lisa Marr, and a really interesting late-night-hangin’-at-a-restaurant interview with Joe Queer. A must have for die-hard fans. –Mr. Z (queersdvd.com)