Jul 14, 2011

With the maple leaf-ish die-cut and spray painted cover of a naked lady holding a skull, I was preparing myself to be inundated with, I don’t know, some weird-ass patriotic Canadian rockabilly or something. I was so far off the mark—Quantis is from Malaysia and they clearly, clearly adore the screamo. They give us three songs so utterly convincing that Level Plane would’ve shit their drawers over were we still in 2002. While the lyrics may suffer a bit from translation, the genre was never particularly known for its linear lyrics anyway. This shit rules. Indiana’s Coma Regalia swings the Orchid hammer hard and dresses it up in some fancy dual-vocal tomfoolery and thunderous musicianship ala This Machine Kills. It’s not gonna be everyone’s thing, but for those who dig this stuff, this record’s gonna get some spins. Totally top-notch work here by both bands. Numbered to 500 and definitely worth seeking out.

 –keith (Middle Man, middlemanrecordshop.blogspot.com)