QUAALUDES: Nothing New: 7”EP

Quaaludes are addictive. Fact. I’ve been seriously hooked since I first saw them last year. Quaaludes is a force of nature in SF. They are one of those rare all XX bands that fit on any punk bill, a loved local to the SF scene, adored by guys and grrrls alike. This is their first EP, and just like every performance I’ve seen of them, it does not disappoint. Well recorded, with crisp melodic bass and drums, even more euphonically distorted guitar, with Aimee’s straight up unapologetic, bratty riot grrrl vocals at the forefront. Best song on here is “Stiff Little Single.” This song is fucking genius with a perfect bass rift and unmistakably rad lyrics “I’m going to take you to a place where I can fuck you.” Instant classic. The only thing that’s missing on this EP is the pogoing girl-friendly pit and Aimee’s crazy stage antics. Buy it before it sells out.

 –Camylle Reynolds (Thrillhouse / Dollskin)