PYRRHON: The Mother of Virtues: CD

Technical death metal? Sure, why not? The Mother of Virtues at times is reminiscent of Dead To Fall, with a slightly less technical version of Dillinger Escape Plan mixed in. With nine songs clocking in at fifty-five minutes, it seems like it would be a lengthy ride, but the songs move along surprisingly well. Unfortunately, with few exceptions (“The Oracle of Nassau,” “Balkanized”), the songs don’t do much to distinguish themselves. None of this is to say the band isn’t talented—they’re good at what they do and their diversity is appreciated, but what they’re doing on The Mother of Virtues didn’t catch me and make me want more. On a totally unrelated note, the opening few seconds of drumming on “White Flag” was incredibly reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac’s “What Makes You Think You’re the One” off their Tuskalbum. If you can find a way to incorporate Fleetwood Mac with your technical death metal sound, then I definitelywant to hear your next album. That would be bizarrely amazing. 

 –kurt (Relapse)