PYPY: Pagan Day: LP

May 21, 2014

I know Taylor feels sorry for me after I bleat about aimless long hairs making boring, directionless drug music, so this month he rights the wrongs. Now THIS is drug music. Spaced-out, trippy psych with a banging metronome backbeat that fucking hammers. Heard some talk of these being a Canuck supergroup and these cats are getting play in all the right hip places, but as y’all know I couldn’t give two fucks about your club. This shit is real special. Heads who travelled the lands honing chops, listening to Can albums on long drives. Hypnotic psychedelic music that has both feet firmly planted in the punk world yet the tentacles spread into ‘60s garage, French pop, and kraut rock. Annie-Claude’s slurred drawl, sometimes sexy, sometimes caustic, carry the record through the peaks and troughs… like some kind of psychotic trip. This shit is banging. Bet these dudes get big. Boss sounds. 

 –Tim Brooks (