PYGMY LUSH: Mount Hope: CD

Oct 06, 2008

Pygmy Lush has two very different sounds. They play noisy hardcore, then cool things down with haunted acoustic music. Mount Hope is an entire album of the quiet stuff; eerie, melancholy acoustic indie that sounds like Black Heart Procession with the precious lilt of early Iron And Wine. Usually it’s a reviewer copout to mention a couple of bands that influence the band being reviewed, but I’ve got nowhere else to go here, because Pygmy Lush don’t sound like themselves, they sound like these other bands. They’re doing a very good job of it, but here’s to hoping that they come into their own on their next record. Before I go, the PC police are forcing me to ask, “Isn’t the word ‘Pygmy’ considered derogatory? What the fuck gives?”

 –CT Terry (Lovitt)

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