PYGMIES, THE: Self-titled: LP

Jun 13, 2014

Alright! Second album time from this fantastic Calgary band, made up of ex-Neckers and Chixdiggit members. I could not be more pleased to report that although the band has been fleshed-out from two members to a full four-piece band, the results are absolutely stellar. This is—quite simply—top-shelf garage rock with power pop influences and phenomenal songwriting. The keyboards add to the sound, which is a rarity in my experience, and they are just perfect in the mix as well. Fans of bands like Muck And The Mires and Mondo Topless will find a whole lot to like with the Pygmies. Anyone who is into strong power pop and great backing vocals will wanna be all over this. Bands from Canada are just better. Here is another shining example. 

 –frame (Self-released)