PUTRID FLOWERS, THE: …And For The Little Children, Sing: CD

Just so you know, the Putrid Flowers are an UNSIGNED BAND. They tell you this both in the liner notes and on the CD itself. So they are unsigned, okay? It’s kinda strange that they are unsigned, since they seem to imply that Fat Mike said that they were the best band he has ever heard. Dunno. Also strange that they are unsigned because they are pretty good. I mean, pretty good. Not super awesome, but if I saw them live and they seemed pretty cool, I would buy this. Likewise, the lyrics aren’t anything I will be quoting any time soon, but if I heard someone reading them at an open mic poetry reading, I would tell the reader that I liked them. Musically, it’s pretty straight ahead rock for rock’s sake. They could play a punk show and get a pit, but also not scare the normals away. One thing I will say, is that they have that “thing,” where you can tell that they care about their music more than that it’s cool to be in a band. At least I think so, but the music seems to have a passion underlying it. I wonder if this will still be the case if they ever become a signed band. I also wonder if they will make as big a deal about being signed as they do about being unsigned.

 –rich (Putrid Flowers)