PUT-DOWNS, THE: Wrong Side of Texas: CD

Feb 05, 2009

I don’t know anything about Mortville Records except that they seem to have a real ear for great rock’n’roll. I saw this album in the review bins and remembered that I’d had luck with Mortville in the past. I was surprised just how lucky I got. The Put-Downs are the real find of this round of record reviews. The tough thing is, I’m not sure exactly why. It’s good, solid rock’n’roll. There’s not a whole lot of punk to it. It’s not very trashy. It’s uptempo, but not that fast. On the surface, it’s not really all that original. The key to The Put-Downs, though, is that they follow through on their punches. They remember to follow the rock up with a good bit of roll. They pile one catchy song on the next. They creep into your brain and have you singing along with songs before you can say for sure what the band’s name is. More than anything, they give me the sense that they’re the only three punk kids in some small town in Texas and no one will hang out with them so they hang out with each other, listening to Buddy Holly and the Motards records, practicing all the time, and playing gigs at places where the guys at the bar aren’t sure whether they want to fight the punk kids or join into the pogo.

 –sean (Mortville)