PUT-DOWNS, THE: Corrupted: 7" EP

Jul 11, 2007

The Put-Downs aren’t flashy. They’re a deceptively simple band. No wheels are being reinvented. Sliced bread isn’t being debunked as history’s best invention. But, somewhere inside these four songs is some damn satisfying chili con carne punk that fans of no-bullshit, no-fanfare, obscure-by-geographic-location punk rock are sure to cotton to. It’s a good mix of loosely corralled melodies, greasy bass fingerings, and slight whiffs of honky tonk, all crumpled up so it’s not too showy. It begins to make sense when I put the pieces together. The band’s led by guitarist Paul, who served time in the Motards prior to moving to Southeast Texas. Yup, there are Motards stains and all over this. Perhaps a more laid back Chop Sakis reference wouldn’t be too off the mark, either. Paul also orchestrated the Put-Downs to play the Low Security Correctional Complex at Beaumont, Texas. That puts them in league with Johnny Cash. Well, not really, but they’re very good and it informs you of the career direction of the band. Let this one grow on you like weeds on the front lawn.

 –todd (Mortville)