PUSHER: Our Beloved City of the Dead: CD

May 20, 2010

Just to give some context about how this album flows, this CD is a bit more than twenty-six minutes in length and is ten tracks long. Out of those ten tracks, one of them is an extra track with the first one being a one minute and fifty-two second introduction with some strange, psychedelic-influenced rant about the crappy state of the world. Then the second song “Dead End” begins with its own weird intro that plays for about thirty-nine seconds. It includes another guy talking through a distorted loud speaker, telling people to choose between a red pill or blue pill, I assume paying homage to The Matrix. From the start, this album picks up pretty slow and is confusing because the listener still has no clue after about two and a half minutes of listening what the music is going to sound like. In short, this is a reggae-influenced punk album. I’d say these guys are trying to sound like Tim Armstrong’s solo stuff. When they finally get to the music, these guys actually have some decent songs. “Artificialized” is a fun track, as Pusher has a cool way of transitioning from reggae beats on the verses to the more explosive four-to-the-floor choruses. This would have been a more solid EP if these guys just stuck to the music instead of all the filler hi-jinks.

 –N.L. Dewart (Knot)