PURRS, THE: Self-titled: CD

In some ways, this is exactly the type of album you would expect from a label called “Garage Pop,” and songs with titles like “Got Kissed” and “Birthday Party” sound pretty much like you’d expect them to. It’s female-fronted (the band is seventy-five percent female), and it owes a lot to Nikki and the Corvettes, the Go-Gos (or at least Jane Wiedlin), and Holly Golightly. There’s even a song that asks the age-old question, “Why can’t I have two boyfriends?” I can’t answer that one, but I can say that The Purrs do have enough pop to keep me singing along, and enough of an edge to keep me interested. They haven’t quite mastered this type of rock’n’roll the way the Gore Gore Girls have, but this is still a solid album.

 –sean (Garage Pop)