PURPLE 7: Self-titled: One-sided 12”

Containing members of Defiance, OH, Hot New Mexicans, and Landlord, Purple 7 lay down five plump, bottom-heavy tracks, kinda dirty and muddy, but in a glorious way. Midwestern basement pop rooted in an analog way of life. The back cover mentions it was recorded to ½” tape, and really does sound like it. It’s got such a massive body to it, it’s vibrating the speakers. And while all the songs are good, the last track truly is the clincher. “W.T.P.T.M.” is as solid as a song gets. All the elements are there: questioning, anthemic, gang vocals, the pristine guitar lead, the breakdown. It kind of overshadows the other tracks, or maybe I’m just a total sucker for songs like this. Imagine the Compulsive Gamblers covering “If the Kids Are United.” If you were already a fan of Hot New Mexicans and Landlord, you gotta get your hands on this record as well. You will not be disappointed.

 –Daryl Gussin (Let’s Pretend)