PURPLE 7: Jewel Finger: LP

There’s a sweet spot right between punk and lo-fi indie rock, where the aggression shines through on occasion, but so does the more complicated song structures of more—ahem—”refined” music. I like to call it bedroom pop, but I honestly have no idea; I ain’t no music scientist. What I am, though, is impressed by this record. If I had any idea of the pedigree involved in this band before I turned it on, it would have been no surprise. There are members of Hot New Mexicans, Defiance, Ohio, and Landlord on this thing. That’s a hell of a lineup. This is a hell of a record. It’s just so nice to hear a group of people who actually know how to harmonize correctly and build a sound that takes the best parts of each of their musicianship. Highly recommended. Grade: A. 

 –Bryan Static (Self-released)