Jun 14, 2014

Dead Boy is Pure Predication’s second release after Junk Shit for Brains. Shorter by two songs, Dead Boy gives five spooky minutes of haunted house garage rock with an ear for infectious punk melody. Jeff Predication leads with vocals and guitar, and Pure Mike handles guitar two while simultaneously working some drum combo, like Bert in Mary Poppins, if only Bert smoked chimney ash, had debilitating acid flashbacks, and sang ditties about drinking wolf’s blood instead of writing songs about picnics and fountains. Tonally, Dead Boyis harder and catchier and spookier than their prior EP, released on Hard Body Sounds (good people who put out the Tweens release). The title track, “Dead Boy,” tumbles darkly from hook to hook and keeps all components swamp-soaked in reverb, drowning the lyrics and effectively folding the song into a satisfying ambient lo-fi melody. The B-side, “Devil’s Weed,” branches out and drapes itself with creepy single-string melodies and spasms of solo guitar to get away from the mostly chord riffing of the latter track. Oh yeah, and the video for “Dead Boy” is a psychedelic remix of the 1986 movie, Stand by Me. A keeper.   –Jim Joyce (Manglor)

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